The language of the original version of this agreement is Portuguese (BRAZIL). To the extent that any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the Portuguese version, the Portuguese version will prevail.

The purpose of this document is to establish the Terms of Use of the website (

Last updated: 23/05/2018 at 00:40:02 (UTC-3)

This Agreement for the Concession of Rights to Use the website is formed between the company HERO TECNOLOGIA LTDA, registered with the CNPJ number 23.073.946 / 0001-83, hereinafter referred to as, maintainer and sole holder of the website and the Candidate, who fully accepts this term when registering to use the SITE under the condition of "CANDIDATE".

Whereas that:

  1. People who sign it are vested with the competent legal rights and contractual powers to do so, under the penalties of the Law, assuming all civil and criminal responsibilities, as well as the veracity of the information provided in this instrument.
  2. In fulfilling its purposes, makes available to applicants free of charge the registration of their resume and the possibility of registering for open positions in our system through our clients, from whom they can request tests, questionnaires, business cases for the CANDIDATE and even video interview.
  3. In fulfilling its purposes, may offer courses, ebooks or other educational materials for the development and training of the CANDIDATE, who may choose to purchase or not.
  4. The CANDIDATE may apply for vacancies or purchase any of the educational products made available by the CONTRACTOR.
  5. When registering your resume, the CANDIDATE must inform your personal data as well as your professional background, the CANDIDATE understands that such information is essential for a selection process
  6. As a selective Process Management Software, places itself in the exclusive role of being a bridge of communication and integration between the companies that hire our service and the CANDIDATE. The job information, the communication with the candidate and their approval or disapproval in the process are solely and exclusively up to our clients (companies).
  7. As a Selection Process Management Software, the CANDIDATE may register directly on the website or on the hotsites available for our customers (companies) known as "" 

The CANDIDATE declares and agrees with all the terms and conditions set out below for use of the website, in the following terms:

In case the CANDIDATE has questions regarding this contract, he can clarify them by contacting directly through the resources available on the WEBSITE.

  • The CANDIDATE declares in this act that he/she has:
  1. Legal age to offer services as a professional, young apprentice, intern, trainee or autonomous and legal activity.
  2. Be in full ability to perform acts in civil life.
  3. Comply with local laws or those of your country of origin, as well as not be prevented from using services such as those on the WEBSITE, for any reason.

That said, the Parties decide to enter into this contract, according to the conditions contained in the following terms and clauses:

1. Purpose

1.1. Software usage is free of charge for the CANDIDATE to register resume and register in selection processes of job vacancies of the clients (companies) of HERO TECNOLOGIA LTDA.

1.2. Tests, video recording and other evaluation resources requested by the company clients (companies) advertising job vacancies of HERO TECNOLOGIA LTDA to be answered on the platform or by third parties, classified here as partners.

1.3. Monitoring the job vacancies registered in the candidate panel to know if the vacancy is still open or if it was ended.

1.4. CANDIDATE's possibility to buy, if wanted, courses, e-books, training and other educational and development materials made available by

2. Legislation

2.1 - This term of use and privacy, as well as the use of this WEBSITE, will be governed by the laws ruled in the Federative Republic of Brazil, also observing the uses and customs that govern ethical behavior on the internet in accordance with LAW No. 12,965 chapter II and III Section II, Regulation 2016/679 of the European Union, known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the strictest good faith.

3. Candidate's knowledge and responsibilities

3.1. It is the CANDIDATE's responsibility to read this Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and Use of Data and Cookies, knowing that when registering the  CANDIDATE must check the box confirming that they agree with the items described in our policies.

3.2. The CANDIDATE knows that since we are a Recruitment and Selection Software, it implies filling in contact information, professionals and responding to evaluations, which may be requested by our clients (companies), responsible for the disclosure of job vacancies and the selection process . The way of collecting and using this information is specified in our privacy and data usage policy.

3.2. has clients from public and private roles from which its processes are audited and professional information from the CANDIDATE’s resume. In this case, the CANDIDATE agrees that some of their background information needs to be recorded and maintained, even with the deactivation of the account. More information in our privacy and data usage policy.

3.3. It is the CANDIDATE's exclusive responsibility to provide the computer equipment and the internet connection necessary to access the Software or its customers' hotsites, and is not responsible for the possession, operation and quality of such equipment, systems and connections.

3.4. The CANDIDATE pledges to access and use the Software exclusively for lawful purposes, according to the current legal system, observing the best ethics in the use of the internet and the strictest act of good faith, as well as all the rules of use of the website disclosed therein, responding fully, as only responsible for the information that is conveyed through your resume, in the answers to tests, questionnaires, video presentation and your registration data.

3.5. The CANDIDATE understands and accepts that may, at any time, suspend or interrupt the operation of the Empregare Software for maintenance purposes, by chance or force majeure, regardless of any prior notice.

3.6. EMPREGARE declares that it will maintain, according to its judgment and market possibilities, the constant updating of the website aiming at its improvement and adaptation to the new technologies available.

3.7. The CANDIDATE, in turn, recognizes that the information technology area is always in constant development and that perfection and the absence of defects or risks is a concept that does not exist in this sector.

3.8. When registering, the CANDIDATE recognizes that the data entered in the resume will be public for viewing by the registered companies and their employees, and one of these companies may be your current employer. Thus, when choosing, CANDIDATE acknowledges and expressly agrees that cannot be held responsible, under any circumstances, for any damages to CANDIDATE resulting from the visualization of their resume on the Software by his current employer or by any third parties.

4. Storage and use of information, privacy and cookies

4.1. By registering the candidate agrees that they have read and complies with our following policies:

  1. Data Usage Privacy Policy
  2. Terms of use
  3. Cookies

4.2. Each term has its specifications that the candidate must read and, before registering, check the box stating that you are in accordance with all items.

5. Technical support to the candidate and opening hours

5.1. The CANDIDATE will be able to answer their technical questions regarding the use of the software through our "Candidate Support" area with questions and answers and tutorials available on the SITE and work with us pages of the clients that use the software known by

5.2. In addition, will also provide technical support to the CANDIDATE through the call form available on the WEBSITE and hotsites, on working days (from Monday to Friday) and business hours (from 8 am to 6 pm), and the return of open calls can be between 2 to 3 business days via email.

6. Passwords and security

6.1. The CANDIDATE acknowledges that the password for accessing the WEBSITE is for personal and non-transferable use, and it can not be provided to third parties under any circumstances, and must take all reasonable steps to ensure its confidentiality, and must also LOGOFF to finalize your access to the services page.

6.2. The recovery of lost or forgotten passwords will take place according to the security guidelines available on the WEBSITE.

6.3. The CANDIDATE recognizes that they must provide due security in the use of their computer equipment and use whenever possible antivirus systems, firewalls and other updated security systems.

6.4. The CANDIDATE pledges to respond fully for any legal consequences arising directly from the loss or loss of password, regardless of intent or fault.

7. Selection processes and job vacancies announced

7.1. acts as a provider of solutions that bring the candidate and the advertising companies closer together and does not carry out or have the legal prerogative to monitor, supervise, edit or approve the contents of the vacancies advertised by the companies or on the communication between the companies and the candidate.

7.2. is not responsible for the content of the vacancies advertised, for the communications established between the companies advertising and the candidates, nor for the conduct of the selection processes of the companies advertising, which are solely responsible for the vacancies, communications and selections, being the candidate responsible for ensuring for their best interests, which is why the candidate expressly acknowledges and agrees that can not be held responsible, before the CANDIDATE or any third party, for losses and damages of any kind that may become known as a result of such negotiations, contractual, non-contractual or any other nature.

7.3. pledges to keep the CANDIDATE’s resume registered in accordance with the WEBSITE functionalities and the privacy classification determined by the CANDIDATE, not being responsible for the CANDIDATE's effective participation in selection processes (interviews, tests, dynamics, cases, video interview) ) or by hiring them.

7.4. The CANDIDATE is aware that, with his consent, his registration and acceptance of the Term of Use, messages may be sent to his e-mail informing about open positions and selection processes, whether the application has happened or not. In addition, once the resume is registered in a job vacancy of the company advertising it, it will be able to send messages directly to the candidate, without knowledge.

8. Site acceptance status

8.1 The WEBSITE is offered to the candidate and is accepted by him in its technical and perfect state it is in, which is why is not responsible for any other guarantees or other hypotheses:

  1. By adapting the website to the candidate's needs or expectations.
  2. For an uninterrupted and error-free website.
  3. For any information or communication conveyed by companies that advertise job vacancies and selection processes.
  4. For the results or performances expected by the candidate when using the WEBSITE.
  5. For the correction and improvement of the errors found by the candidate on the WEBSITE.

8.2. The parties declare that they are fully aware that the use of any computer system in the internet environment will be subject to attack, neither party being responsible to the opposing party, or third parties, for any damages caused by hackers breaking into the site, or third parties with similar intentions.

9. Interruption of the use of the website or of the content available 

9.1. If becomes aware of information conveyed ("Content") by the CANDIDATE through the WEBSITE in which it is in disagreement with the current legal system or, also, in disagreement with ethics, due to conflict with the rights of third parties, the CANDIDATE will be immediately communicated by so that they can express themselves on these facts, within a maximum period of 24 (twenty four) hours:

  1. If illegal or irregular content is found, will delete the information or even deactivate the WEBSITE user’s registration and resume, regardless of the candidate's authorization, and may provide all information to the legal authorities, under the terms of the law, with the CANDIDATE being the only one. civilly and criminally responsible for the content informed on the WEBSITE.
  2. If finds a controversial illegal content that may cause damage of any kind to third parties or that involves civil or penal legislation, may suspend it unilaterally, before notifying the CANDIDATE so that they can manifest themselves in this respect, under the terms of caput.
  3. The suspension or exclusion of content will also be unilateral and independent of any communication with the candidate when determined by the competent government agency.
  4. The suspension of content adjusted in this clause will not entitle to any kind of indemnity, as well as compensation for damages or losses to the CANDIDATE.

9.2. reserves the right, once the CANDIDATE fails to comply with any obligations contained in this term, to deactivate or even exclude their access, registration and WEBSIT resume, without prejudice to the possibility of sending his registration data and access to competent legal authorities, without prejudice to your privacy rights.

10. Property right

10.1. The CANDIDATE recognizes that all content (written, spoken, image and sound) displayed on the system, whether from the company itself or from corporate clients, is protected by the Law that regulates copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights.

10.2. The CANDIDATE pledges not to use such content without prior and express knowledge of or EMPRESAS clients, under penalty of being held civilly and criminally responsible for violations that commit the rights of others.

11. Right of image use

11.1. The CANDIDATE declares to be aware that some companies, customers of, may request the resource of video presentation and other tests, in this case, the CANDIDATE declares and authorizes the use of his recording and image exclusively for the purposes of evaluation for the selection processes enrolled for an indefinite period.

12. Responsibilities of EMPREGARE.COM

12.2. Make the use of the WEBSITE available free of charge for the CANDIDATE to register their resume, search for job vacancies, answer tests and monitor their applications.

12.3. In case decides to charge the CANDIDATE for access someday, it must make a notification at least 60 (sixty) days in advance for the CANDIDATE to decide whether or not to accept the new business model.

13. General provisions

13.1. reserves the right to change, at any time, the terms and conditions of this contract, which will always be displayed to CANDIDATES who access this document through the website.

13.2. Whenever there is a change, the new version will be available on the website, and it is the candidate responsibility to follow the changes through the website.

14. Tolerance

14.1. Failure by either party to comply with its legal or contractual rights or prerogatives will always constitute mere liberality, not constituting a precedent for future breaches, nor alteration or extinction of the contractually assumed obligations; Nor does it characterize, under any circumstances, novation, transaction, compensation or remission, nor does it constitute surrectio / suppression hypotheses, and such rights may be exercised at any time, when convenient for the holder, including for the requirement of  not met or past due.

15. Forum

15.1. The parties elect the Catanduva District Court, in the interior of the State of São Paulo - Brazil, as competent to settle any conflicts arising from this contract. with renunciation of any other, however privileged it may be.

15.2. And because the CANDIDATE is in full agreement, by expressing their acceptance through the registration of their information on the WEBSITE.